9 August 2016

How a Floral Display Impacts The Decor....

What do Flowers bring to the home decor?
A painterly elegance...
Sometimes a floral perfume... 
Instant mood lifting appeal...

And most definitely - visual joy.

What is in this arrangement of flowers?
 Bright yellow roses...
(The perfect colour choice for cheering up a winters day).

Yellow and burgundy pinky mauve toned tulips...

And an unusual variegated chrysanthemum.

How was this display created?
A simple hand tied posy 

Strip all the lower leaves...

Arrange in one hand crossing the stems...
Put an elastic band on to hold in place.
Then trim stems to place in the vase.

How was it displayed?

On the Table, a cloth with a french themed pattern was placed.
(This is actually a piece of curtain remnant that was the perfect table size, that I hemmed the edges. Cost $4 from the curtain shop remnant bin).

The flowers are in a glass vase that sits in a white French inspired pot.

The pot was then put into a wire basket. 

In the front of the basket is a long sausage dog ornament.

Just look at that face - isn't it the cutest?

After a few days:

The rose buds and tulips opened up to let their beauty shine!

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