24 July 2017

Create, Inspire, Love #29...

Welcome to 
Create, Inspire, Love

Once a month Mia Bella Passions will select something to share, 
from another creative, blog or website....
It may be: 
Create: DIY, upcycling, craft, or baking. 
Inspire: Art, sculpture, a quote or inspirational message.
Love: Or something I think you will love.

Today's Favourite is: 
A beautiful mosaic ball by artist Sue Smith....

 Sue is based in the UK,
but you can visit her on Facebook to see her fabulous creations.

This mosaic ball has left me in awe. 
Sue's colour combinations, design and details of all those garden flowers is spectacular.
It truly is the most special piece of mosaic creativity I have seen in a long while.

Visit Sue Smith's website HERE.

Feel free to copy the link & the 'I was featured Button' 

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20 July 2017

Chunky Knit Blanket 'Bling' Fixer Upper....

Don't you just love it when you stumble across a major BARGAIN!!!
And that is exactly what I found with this throw at Briscoes a few months back.
It was everything I love in a throw....
It looked like a hand knit in its heavy chunky gorgeousness.
It was creamy white.
(Even though I LOVE colour - I also LOVE neutrals)
And the price was outstanding -  
$159.95 - marked down to 59.95!!!
But there was just one little problem with it...
The bling metallic stripe was rose gold and my living space has gold accessories!

But I bought it anyway.
So you can see the problem here...
Gold and rose gold.

 So I foraged in the lace store box and found this pretty crochet style lace.
How perfect was that.  

 I stitched it on via the sewing machine...

And now have the perfect throw 
- with a little bling still showing through the lace.
Just enough to avoid the Rose gold and gold clash problem I had before.

Cushion also a bargain - sourced from Harvey Norman $10 Sale Bin.

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14 July 2017

Lemon Passion Dessert Cake... ❥

Love cake for dessert?
Love lemon?
Love Passionfruit?

  Lemon Passion dessert cake is perfect if you said yes, yes and yes!!!
It is a variation of an old Chocolate Cake recipe that can easily be adapted into different flavours.

This version uses fresh lemon juice instead of cocoa and is baked in two layer cake pans.
Passion curd and whipped cream is layered between, and and top of the cold baked cakes.
Its a firm cake, not at all sponge like and it is very tasty.
As I am not a peel lover, I have not added it,
but you could also add a teaspoon or two of finely grated lemon rind to the cake mixture for a stronger lemon flavour if desired.

 The top layer of cream is drizzled with more passionfruit curd.

Cake for dessert...
(and maybe a naughty piece of leftover cake for breakfast - 
that is if there is any left!)

You'll find the chocolate to lemon cake adaption recipe HERE.

Plus suggestions for other flavors.

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7 July 2017

The Kingfisher & A proud Artist Moment...

My world of art this year thus far,
 has been amazing.  
A few awards...
 goals achieved...
creativity challenged...
and a satisfaction all that hard work was worth it!
Recently I was featured at 1340ART International.
And I am so proud to have been so.
Acrylic on canvas

For those who are following my art journey,
you can visit the link to ART1340 HERE.

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2 July 2017

Trolley Table Upcycle with Reverse Image Transfer...

Meet my 'Trolley' table rescue turned French Country Upcycle.

Here's the before photo.
It was destined for the rubbish pile...

But I just loved the circular design.
And I knew I could upcycle it to fit my decor...

 The top level detail bars were missing.
So I used a filler to plug the holes.

Squeeze filler into holes... 

 Then scrape over with a knife.

Once dry sand lightly.

Then using chalk paint (I chose 'Pure White')... 

 give the table two coats.
After a few days drying time, 
we are ready to transfer a reverse image onto the top of the  table.
Use scissors to cut around the image. 

To apply the transfer using Mod Podge.

1: Brush the mod podge onto the printed side of the reversed image label....

(there are plenty of these available free via Pinterest - just search 'reversed images')
2: Smooth it onto the surface gently pushing out air pockets.

3:  Then leave it to dry for 24 hours.

4: After 24 hours, wet the paper of the transfer with a sponge.

Then carefully rub to roll the paper layers off.

Note: Mod Podge is available from most craft and stationery stores in New Zealand.

To brighten the chrome - gently rub down with a steelwool pad.
The final step to the Trolley Table Upcycle is to coat the table with a coat of wax.

Viola!  I'm loving this transformation.

This table is movable and the perfect size for a side table.

It has created a new favourite spot to sit in my chair
 and journal in the winter sun.

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