22 May 2018

Boysenberry Vanilla Cupcakes ❥

Boysenberry Vanilla Cupcakes...

A simple cupcake to whip up when berry season has ended, 
using canned boysenberries.

 Watties Pick of the crop New Zealand Boysenberries in syrup are perfect for this recipe.

As the berries are not too tart and not too sweet.

 I also used a ready to make vanilla icing by Chelsea.
Which is delicious made by packet instructions,
but we're going to add boysenberry juice to it this time.

 The first stage is to whip up the cupcake mixture.
(recipe link is at bottom of this post)

 Place spoonfuls into large cupcake cases.
And bake.

 While the cupcakes are baking,
make the icing glaze but use the drained syrup from the canned berries.

Set the Berry Icing glaze aside and wait until cooked cupcakes are cold before icing.

 Ice your cupcakes, and place a boysenberry atop.

 I used one berry for each cupcake but you can place two or three on top if you like.
Serve and indulge.

You'll find a printable recipe HERE.

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14 May 2018

DIY Stamped Lampshade...❥

This post is about my DIY Stamped Lightshade, 

So read on...

I found this little light shade in the bargain bin at Bed Bath & Beyond.
Only $18!
I've always wanted a lamp for my built in shelving in the Red Lounge,
but have never found one that fitted the width of the shelf.
But this little lamp was the perfect fit!
Plain white base with a cream linen type shade, I decided to add some stamped images to it.
This is how I did it...

For the first row of stamps I taped one inch spaces using a 2 inch wide sellotape.

The stamp I used was a simple poppy design by Stampin' Up.
The first ink colour was a red by Dewdrop Inks.
Press the ink over the stamp...

test on a similar type fabric as the shade first if you like as you want just the right amount of ink to avoid bleed.  

Carefully press stamps onto the fabric spaces between the sellotape.
Leave to dry 10 minutes.

Remove the tape and the stamp the design again in a different colour ink. This time I used a dark grey.  The pattern was red - upside down - Grey - right way up.
Leave 10 minutes to dry.

Then I used a cream white ink to colour in the internal parts of the poppy stamp.
Place the light shade onto the base, connect a light bulb, and put in place on the shelf.

So this is how it turned out...  
in traditional Japanese aesthetics, 
wabi sabi is a view that is centred on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.
The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is imperfect, flawed impermanent or incomplete'.

I'm telling you this story because the lampshade is not perfect - I was a little heavy handed with the red dye. So there is some imperfection with bleeding into the fabric on a couple of the stamp impressions.  
Regardless -  I think it is still beautiful.
And when I decide to change the shade...
I already have a vision of another DIY project!

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8 May 2018

A Sweet Autumn Crocus Bowl...❥

Undeniably Springlike Crocus are an Autumn flowering sweetie here in New Zealand.
But no matter where in the world you live, when crocus begin their flowering season, you too can create an indoor crocus bowl.

This decor arrangement is for a short term display.
You can enjoy the bulbs flowering in the bowl for two or three weeks before you will need to replant them into another pot for outside or into the garden.
Longer stems are encouraged by under-planting the bulbs beneath a shrub.
Mine were under an azalea before digging for use in this bowl.
If in full sun the flowers will  appear just above the much shorter strap like leaves.
I use a spray water bottle to keep the moss and soil damp in the bowl, but after initial planting the soaked soil is enough to keep moist so don't water it again in that first week..
Over watering will mean the bulbs will rot, and the leaves will yellow,
as a vintage leaf bowl like the one I have used has no drainage holes.

Here's how to create your Crocus Bowl:
Carefully Dig up your crocus bulbs from the garden.

Make wet mix of potting mix or garden soil.
Place in your bowl.

 Make a hollow and place your bulbs in the middle.
Hold with one hand while pushing soil around the bulbs and straighting them.

Use real moss or lichen as a cover layer on the soil.

Press the lichen or moss around and in between the planted bulbs.
This will also give them extra support to stand upright.
Then gently use a wet tissue to clean up the excess soil on the stems and the bowl.

In the wild the crocus grow in moist meadow situations.
So with bright light and afternoon sun on my lounge coffee table is a perfect position for the Crocus bowl.
And after moving here and there in my home, 
this is where it will stay.

#crocus #bulbs #indoorplanter #autumnbulbs

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