22 September 2017

Halloween 'Goodie' Jars - upcycled of course! ❥

I'm sure you must have some jars or glass containers hiding away in the back of the cupboard.

Just like the ones that were upcycled into these fab 'Goodie' jars for halloween.

These jars were part of my endless AQUA collection,
and they were destined for the goodwill store.
But then I came up with this cool idea to 'Halloween' them to use on my 'Halloween' sideboard vignette.

All I did was spray the glass jars with bright orange paint.
I let the paint drip down in places for effect.

And then I let them dry for a week...
Don't they look pretty?

 The next step was to make a label.
I used dollar store gift tag labels.

 Then painted them black on both sides.

 I'm not the best calligrapher so wanted an easy option for writing.
That was stick on letters in gold.

 I chose the words 'Boo' and 'Treat'...

Here are the jars all finished and ready to fill with treats.
Call back soon for the next creation I'll be making for the "Halloween' display.

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15 September 2017

The Chalk Paint and Chair Binge...

This posts title says it all really...
I have been bingeing on chalk paint.
Nothing is safe.
I see many items of furniture in my abode that could have a makeover...
So this week has been all about chalk paint and chairs.
These old oak chairs (there are three!) have had their time on the covered porch.
Now it is time to upcycle them..
and rejuvenate them...
Ready for new purposes.

So Chair number one was painted in Annie sloane chalk paint - Paris Grey.

It was left two days to dry.

 Then waxed with soft wax.

The seat was re-padded and give a new cover of blue grey and white toned stripes.

 I ran the fabric stripe horizontally to give more impact against the chair back risers that go vertically.

 I'm thinking this looks pretty darn cute!

 Gracie does too!

Chair number one = my new office desk chair.

 Chair number two and three were first painted in Annie Sloane - Pure White chalk paint.
Then a second coat applied of Paris Grey.
The white undercoat pops through the grey in various places.

The seat was recovered in a grey and black butterfly light upholstery fabric.

These two chairs will be for a breakfast table.
I can't show the table yet...
as I am still hunting for the right one to upcycle.
There is so much joy in making old fab again!

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10 September 2017

The Earth Laughs... ❥

Sharing a new quote with y'all today...
The flower in this photograph is a Geranium.
It is called 'Hot Pink Cranesbill'.
I love this flower as each year it seeds and renews...
all by it's little sweet self!
So it is a wonderful burst of colour in the Spring and Summer garden beds.

Copy and save to your computer to use as a screensaver if you like.  :)

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7 September 2017

Caramel Oaties....

Caramel Oaties are as delicious as the name suggests...
caramel, chewy, oaty treat...
with another treat inside!

And that treat is a gooey caramel chocolate chunk.

They are so very good...oaty healthy
with a hint of chocolate naughty!

How can you resist one or two of the oaty cookies with your hot chocolate?
These are a definite 'Make Again And Again' family favourite!

Recipe link HERE.

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4 September 2017

Loving 'The Feather Blues'...

This scarf design inspired by my feather artwork,
 is featured in the main shop at Vida, and is available now.
It's become a favourite in my scarf collection as its super soft,
 and a perfect accessory for the Spring or Autumn seasonal change...

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28 August 2017

Create, Inspire, Love #30...

Welcome to 
Create, Inspire, Love

Once a month Mia Bella Passions will select something to share, 
from another creative, blog or website....
It may be: 
Create: DIY, upcycling, craft, or baking. 
Inspire: Art, sculpture, a quote or inspirational message.
Love: Or something I think you will love.

Today's Favourite is: 

created by Laurie
 at 'My Husband Has Too Many Hobbies'.

There's nothing more fun than a little whimsy in the decor!
And these apples tick that box completely.
Plastic apples...
Painted white...
with circle punched glitter dots.
Now if red is just not your thing...
imagine these darlings with black, silver or gold dots.

For the full tutorial on how to create whimsical Apples
click HERE.

Feel free to copy the link & the 'I was featured Button' 

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25 August 2017

'Baby Tears' Planter...❥

Baby Tears (aka Irish Moss or Soleirolia soleirlii)
is the sweetest little plant.

Originating from Italy, it is one of my favourites.
Little tiny leaves cascade down the evergreen stems
which give this plant the name of baby tears.

Perfect as a ground-cover due to it's spreading nature,
Baby tears grow in semi shade or full shade garden beds.
It looks lush and green all year round if kept moist.
(It's not fond of dry or frost!)
And it's super SIMPLE to propagate.
Just take a clump and plant where you want it to grow.
How easy is that?
And it is a superb weed suppressant.

Baby Tears is also fabulous to grow in pots indoors or out.
As well as in hanging baskets.
I like to plant mine in a plastic pot that I then place in an urn that's indoors.
Coconut fibre around the internal edge keeps the plastic pot hidden.
Even in the early stages of growth it is pretty.

Eventually it will cascade over the edge of the planter.
And when it is too big...
Root cuttings will be taken and a new plant started.

And if you are wondering about that hint of gold in the background of the first planter photograph,
yes - it's a new CUSHION...
The gold leaf image and cream cushion fits in with the decor PERFECTLY.
One can never have too many cushions can they?
And when I saw it in the new Ezibuy HOME catalogue I had to have it.

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22 August 2017


Ok - so here is one of those random posts -

I have been photographing bubbles....
or should I say trying to master the art of photographing bubbles...

 And these images are so pretty.

And even though they're not perfect,
I thought I would share them with y'all.

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18 August 2017

Re-purposed Light shade Flower Bowl...❥

Vintage milk glass light shades are BEAUTIFUL!
And ya all know how I LOVE flower bowls...
so it was a no-brainer as to what this ole light shade was about to become!

One problem was the GORGEOUS shape...
It did not sit flat on the table.

But that was nothing my trusty airdry clay could not fix!
(Seriously peeps - one should always have this stuff in the craft cupboard!)

I cut three pieces...

Rolled each into long sausage shapes...

Squeezed the three ends together...

And made a clay plait.

Then I checked sizing to create a plait base for the light shade.
Cut and joined it.
And left it to dry.

Once dry, the light shade bowl was placed on top.
The bowl filled with water and flowers.
Ahhh...upcycling satisfaction!

The flower of choice was a creamy white to pale yellow coloured camellia.
This is a favourite of mine.
It's called ' Jurys Yellow'.
It's vigorous, bushy and a shares profuse flowers from Autumn until Spring.
It has an upright habit of 2 metres by 1.5 metres.
Plant it in semi-shade for best flowers.
The bees LOVE this camellia too.

I love the way the light reflects on the glass!

I'm LOVING everything about my 'new' vintage milk glass vase!

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