25 September 2016

Spring Flower Basket...

What do you do with a basket from a hamper gift
 when you have baskets literally coming out your ears?

Upcycle it of course!

 I spray painted the basket in a soft grey.
This also gives it a little bit more water repelling protection.

 From Bunnings I bought ready to plant annual pots.
A Pansy, sweet alyssum, and two polyanthus.

 Next I lined the basket with a heavy clear plastic, 
and poked drainage holes in the bottom.

 A good quality potting mix filled it.

And the plants planted.

A whole lot of spring pretty...

 that utilizes a basket that would have probably been lost 
and forgotten in the storage shed.

22 September 2016

Actually I Can...

A simple 
Powerful little message...

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20 September 2016

Baileys Fudge Sauce, Ice Cream & Choc Leaves...

What's your favourite ice cream sauce topping?

Mine is Bailey's Fudge Sauce!

It's such an easy one to whip up:

Baileys Fudge Sauce:

In a pot over a very low heat, stir until combined and creamy.
20 grams butter
190 grams Dark Chocolate Melts
1/2 cup of fresh cream.

Just before serving.
Warm the sauce then add 1 tablespoon Baileys Liqueur.

How to Make Chocolate Leaves:

Wash and dry small camelia leaves.
These are a naturally waxy leaf so the chocolate does not stick to them.
Melt chocolate and spread with a knife onto the leaf.

Place onto wax paper and leave to set.

Once set, slowly and carefully peel off the leaf.

You will be left with the leaf shape and vein patterning.

In a parfait glass place two scoops of vanilla ice cream, 
top with Baileys fudge sauce, and a chocolate leaf.

Then serve...
Molto delizioso!
(very delicious)

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