6 December 2016

Painted Carafe & Christmas Berries...

Carafe vases are a nice shape and perfect for arrangements of Christmas lillies and berries.
My clear glass carafe vase needed a bit of oomph for Christmas,
so out came the white paint.

All I did was pour a little paint inside and slowly swirled it around the vase until the inside was completely coated.

The paint I used was Dulux Aquanamel in white,
 because it is water resistant, and a lovely thick paint.  
This makes the coating of the glass exceptionally easy.

It took 5 minutes from start to finish for this glass painting project.
As I have already shared, here in New Zealand it is summer.
Which means no winter berries!
At the moment I have one Ilex 'Holly' shrub in berry
but the berries won't be red until Autumn.
So what does one do when one must have red berries?
Get out the spray paint of course!

Before painting I stripped the leaves off the stems.
then spray painted them.

After 24 hours drying and fume release time,
place into the vase.
I haven't put water into the vase.
 as the spray paint seals the berries with a thick coating of paint, and preserves them.

Red berries and a white vase to match the Christmas themed cushions.

Place vase on a coffee table, mantel or sideboard,
for a little bit of berry red and white fun.

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4 December 2016

Let's bake 'Grace Wilsons' Christmas Cake.....

I love a christmas cake with a self deciding recipe!
In other words you decide what fruit makes up the 1kg recipe content.
It is a godsend for those of us who think peel is the worst food invention ever!
This is a super easy Christmas cake recipe that has been in my family forever.

Well almost - my mother received this recipe from Grace 
(a work friend) in 1969.
'Grace Wilson's Christmas cake' is simply the best.

Because it is moist, and it's full of your favourite fruit.
I chose dried cranberries, apricots and sultanas for this years cake.
You'll find the recipe HERE.
Once baked  and cooled, 
leave cake in a sealed container for two days before icing.

Then cover the cake with a thin layer of warmed apricot jam.

Cover with pre rolled white icing.

I used Royalty brand white Icing.

Use a holly leaf cutter (available at online cake stores or your local cake decorating store)...

to cut leaves from green icing.

Then roll little red berries from red.
You can mix your own coloured icing or 
 use pre coloured.
I also rolled these berry balls in red sugar sprinkles.

Wrap two layers of pretty ribbon around the cake
Pin in place.

Plate and serve.
This cake keeps well in a sealed cake container.

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1 December 2016

Homemade Ice Cream Wreath With Baileys...

Homemade Ice Cream Wreath is special.
It's a stunner visually.

And it tastes so darn good.

Decorated with chocolate and flowers...

(remove the flowers before eating unless you use edible type flowers).

The secret ingredient is:
Marscapone cheese.

The flavour ingredient is:
Baileys Irish Cream liqueur.

And it is one of my fav KISS (keep it simple stupid) recipes.
Printable recipe is HERE.

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